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History Interactive Educational Software  A new and stimulating approach  to teaching  and learning Key Stage 2, 3 and GCSE History

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Key Stage 3 History Resources

New National Curriculum History

A final version of the new National Curriculum will be available in  the Autumn 2013 for first teaching in schools from September 2014. At History Interactive, we recognise that some Secondary History teachers may be concerned about the breadth of the History content and that pupils are to be introduced to topics that may at first appear not to be especially engaging or stimulating.

To support Secondary History teachers, we will continue to develop a range of interactive PowerPoint Presentations and Complete Lesson Plans and Lesson activities.

Our History experts are already working on several of the likely starter teaching units and these will be announced in the Autumn of 2013. Our first Secondary resources for the new National Curriculum will be ready by January 2014.

We are working on a range of new  resources for the National Curriculum which will be ready from September 2020.

Our latest resources available now


Key Stage 3 Britain 1745-1845 Interactive

The English Reformation Interactive

Ireland and Home Rule Interactive

Key Stage 3 History Norman Invasion Interactive Key Stage 3 The Norman Conquest Complete Lessons Key Stage 3 Black Death Peasants Revolt War Interactive

The Norman Conquest Interactive

Norman Britain

Complete Lessons

The Middle Ages

1300-1453 Interactive

The British Empire Interactive

The French Revolution Interactive

Available from September 2020

Key Stage 3 The English Civil War Interactive Key Stage 3 Britain and her Empire Interactive Key Stage 3 French Revolution and Napoleon Interactive

The English Civil War Interactive

Assessment for Learning

Pack 1: Complete Lessons

King John and Richard III

Assessment for Learning

Pack 2: Complete Lessons

Black Death and Peasants’ Revolt

The Transatlantic Slave Trade Complete Lessons

Transatlantic Slave Trade Interactive

Industrial Britain


The First World War Interactive

Other National Curriculum resources available now

“Great resources that I would fully recommend. We found the GCSE modules extremely useful for teaching and revision. The resources were relevant to our specification. The source evaluation questions, prompt sheets, mark schemes are excellent, providing opportunities for peer-assessment”

Jean Fowkes, Head of History, Wales High School, Sheffield.

New National Curriculum History

High Quality History Resources

History Interactive teaching and learning resources are created by experts in the field. Producing high quality resources that will inspire pupils and capture their imaginations. Our resources are trusted by school teachers everywhere, and are increasingly being recognised as complete, high quality curriculum resources across Key Stage 3.

Complete Lesson Plans and Lesson Activities

These History teaching and learning modules take a new and fresh look at some of the most popular study units at Key Stage 3. They have been written to provide active and varied learning experiences. They are  all-in-one History resources for teachers providing, learning outcomes, 3 fully resourced and sequenced lesson activities that will inspire and engage learners. Also included are differentiated homework tasks and plenary activities. There are a wide range of whole-class activities to reinforce and summarize key learning points. Complete History Lesson Plans and Lesson Activities will lighten teacher’s workload saving them hours of preparation time.

Complete lesson plans and schemes of work, starter and plenary activities

3 sequenced activities per lesson, all  fully resourced

Model answers and mark schemes

Key skills development including source evaluation and essay writing

The Complete History Lessons include:-

Differentiated homework tasks and a wide range of activities

Assessment for Learning with pupil self-evaluation and target-setting

A fully interactive PowerPoint presentation with animations and audio

A differentiated work booklet

Up to 50 printable and editable supporting Word documents

Progress checker self-marking tests and differentiated homework tasks

Assessment questions, model answers and mark schemes

High quality and up-to-date content

Ready to teach with a wide range of resources

A completely flexible resource you can tailor to the needs of your class

The Interactive History modules include:-

History Interactive PowerPoint Presentations

History Interactive Complete Lessons

Find out more about using History Interactive

Using History Interactive

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The Struggle for Power 1745-1845 Interactive

All of our resources include full institution site license.

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Our Popular Key Stage 3 History Modules

  Modules in the series include:-

Norman Invasion and Conquest Interactive

Norman Conquest Complete Lessons

Medieval Realms

Part 1: Dodgy Kings

King John and the Magna Charter

Richard III and the Princes in the Tower

Part 2: Conflict and Disaster

The Black Death

The Peasants’ Revolt

Middle Ages 1300-1453

Disease, Rebellion and War

Transatlantic Slave Trade Interactive

Transatlantic Slave Trade Complete Lessons

Tudor England 1485-1603

Life in Tudor England Complete Lessons

The English Civil War

Industrial Britain 1750-1900

Britain and her Empire

Struggle for Power: Britain 1745-1845

The French Revolution and Napoleon

Causes of the First World War Complete Lessons

First World War Interactive

American Heroes Martin Luther King Complete Lessons

American Heroes John F Kennedy

Assassination Complete Lessons

The Atomic Bomb Debate Complete Lessons

The Atomic Bomb Interactive