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History Interactive Educational Software  A new and stimulating approach  to teaching  and learning Key Stage 2, 3 and GCSE History

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Up to 60 information-packed linked supporting Word documents to enhance lessons. These include homework tasks, sample answers, mark schemes, writing frames, exam skills and an end of module pupil self-evaluation and target-setting grid.

Important historical concepts and events presented  in a simple and easy to understand way.

Attention-grabbing PowerPoint presentation with animations, interactive maps. and audio clips.

Self-marking progress checker tests, exam questions to keep learners on track. Some resources now include revision notes.

Key exam skills explained through interactive presentation.

The PowerPoint is supported by a fully editable differentiated work booklet.

Each History Interactive module offers:-

Engage and motivate your pupils with these easy to use and versatile all-in-one teaching and learning resources.




Whole class teaching through a data projector.

Populate your VLE for out of school learning.

Essential Exam Revision Aid.

Independent Learning with supporting work booklet.

1. History Interactive can be used as an independent

learning resource for pupils.

Use it as part of your lessons to cover the content for the History GCSE 9-1 courses. Network across school computers. Pupils study the information in the PowerPoint presentation.

A differentiated work booklet is provided.

Completing all sections, homework tasks, tests

and written tasks will provide pupils with

a good level of knowledge and understanding

of the key issues and ideas for the GCSE exam.

2. History Interactive can be used as a

teaching resource.

The modules can be used for whole class teaching when

displayed on a screen through a data

projector or interactive whiteboard.

3. History Interactive can be used as a

revision resource.

Pupils can use all or part of the modules to

research essential content and complete their controlled assessment. Exams skills are developed  through source evaluation, essay writing, model answers and mark scheme analysis. revise and research essential content.

History Interactive resources come with an institution site license. This offers teacher the opportunity to use our resources in different ways.

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